Arvind kejriwal horoscope analysis

But if the occasion arises the main challenge to Mr. Modi might well come from the prime ministerial candidate of the AAP. Modi has caught the imagination of people because he promises a changed approach to governance. People do want change.

Arvind Kejriwal

But however much Mr. Modi may change he is saddled as of now with the baggage of all existing politicians. If the AAP succeeds in the polls it could offer not only a new leader but a whole new class of politicians to govern the nation. That is the kind of change people want. So could the AAP emerge as the proverbial dark horse? Channels In Focus. Rajinder Puri When Mr. The Second class b-team of congress. It is the aap and kejriwal is the one whose son is studying in delhi public school and boasting about the govt school Believe this is only to cut vote of middle class to favour modi These are the person who did nothing while he was the senior govt officer..

Now throw away the respect towards their guru aannaji at their own village recently by just sending one barking And keep himself away just a false ground of illness U can meet the leftinent governer even if u r seek but For annaji? People of india.. Think twice before you vote for the aap. It has to prove itself and also, is it a party which will run for eons?

Arvind roped in Anna because the latter had mass appeal. Riding on that horse, he got to the masses and proved what everyone suspected - his main interest was to form a political party. That done, now there is only one place to go - the PM's seat.

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If he fails, I believe he will blend into the wood works. Narendra Modi is the best choice I guess because he is a good Administrator. But only will prove what is in store for us, and how much more money will be thrown to win the elections. Congress will do everything to put Rahul as PM. Dynasty will go on and India will be ready for a colonial takeover, once again. Swaraj is our birth right, but if the politicians allow it.

Arvind Kejriwal's HoroScope :-

I think not! An excellent article I must say. Thank you! I used to feel very happy when I see Arvind kejriwal on TV debating the lok pal bill. But things seems to have changed after the formation of AAP. PFI has been in the news recently for terror charges. Truth is AAP seems to go to any extent like other parties to be in the electoral race.

AAP has not come out on national security issues till date. Daily lives and corruptiopns seesm to be on the plate of AAP. But with the turmoil having engulfed India, a strong pro nationalist leader is required at this time and Kejriwal doesnt seem to fit the bill. India is one of those countries which faces a lot of problems like Security, Corruption and what not and hence a party which has come to lime light based only on one issue cannot handle this country.

Modi and BJP still seems to be the best bet for all Indians. The reason why Arvind Kejriwal should win is his concern for the common man.

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All advances in understanding are being used to perpetuate nonsense that has existed for more than two millenia. The other house that Mercury rules is fifth and pertains to children, speculation and ability to give sound advice. Arvind will sustain losses in stock market, will have less than complete happiness from children and will drop the ball when when it comes to advising others. The mind is sharp and brilliant but Rahu in eleventh and Ketu in the fifth are completely unhelpful. It is nowhere as good as it appears to be. The Karak for second house is Jupiter.

He rules over eighth and eleventh houses and his placement in the fourth house is a cause of worry.

Jupiter barely makes the grade and does not support the quest for high office. As the eighth lord placed in the fourth house he causes domestic bickering, and financial problems. There are problems connected to real estate and vehicles. The live stock and pets suffer and die. The fourth house The fourth house represents the masses and their support. A strong fourth lord helps with the support of the common man. Fourth house is very strong and ensures the support of general public. Fourth house lord Sun is also powerful and beneficial.

It was the tenuous nature of the three planets involved that gave him a fractured mandate. The period immediately following it was Jupiter-Venus-Mercury.

Political Downfall Awaits Arvind Kejriwal In The Near Future, Predicts Ganesha

He fought against Modi in April and was trounced soundly by a margin of 3. This too was in the closing phase of Jupiter-Venus-Mercury period. The period running at that time was Jupiter-Sun-Ketu. As mentioned above, Sun and fourth house are both strong and beneficial. This gave him a total victory. You seem to be good in astrology. Can you help me by giving me some astrological advise.

Currently doing research job but want to do something big in my life. Although i feel my luck does not favour me. Can you suggest me about my future and career. It will be a great help. Thank you in advance. BUT 3rd lord moon is exalted and in kendra.

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    Venus strength in Horoscope – Arvind kejriwal - Astrozing

    Ketu in 5th house indicates deep spiritual nature endowed with intuitive power. Ketu indicates Exalted Mercury in this chart. His spirituality is very eloquent and intelligent. He likes Ramakrishna-Vivekananda ideology very much and had spent sometime delving deep into it. One who is a follower of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda could never go astray in spiritual world.

    He is bound to shine like pure gold. Mercury is in Magha nakshatra, Mercury and Ketu in 5th house in Mithuna in Navamsa, Ketu in Karakamsa, Exalted Moon in 9th from there, 4 planets in 12th house- all this indicates his deep spiritual nature and certifies that he is genuine and unselfish in nature.