Cancer jan love horoscope

Mercury retrograde is infamous for communication mishaps, travel delays, and reappearing exes. Your love of the domestic sphere causes people to mistake Cancers for passive homebodies.

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In all actuality, you have claws and aren't afraid to use them. You can be quick to end a relationship or job opportunity at the first sign of betrayal, only to beat yourself up afterward.

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Work on letting go and forgiving yourself. You deserve to move forward. If you would like to reconnect with an ex as friends, understand that forgiveness and friendship become much easier when you're no longer harboring internal shame. Chances are they forgave you some time ago. There's a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse in ambitious Capricorn on Tuesday, July The moon rules Cancer, so you are affected by lunar eclipses more than others.

While you're familiar with hard emotions, two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde is a lot to handle. You love putting up walls, just as a crab stays safe in its shell. It's best to lay low during this time and hold off on making any big professional or personal decisions.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Continue working on a creative project or spend the eclipse with animals so you can be alone to process. Are you living life true to yourself?

Deep questions may arise during this time; remind yourself it's OK if you don't have all the answers. Despite your homebody reputation, you like to party. The sun enters Leo on Monday, July 22 , and Venus also moves out of your sign into the fire sign on Saturday.

July Cancers aren't just great at decorating the home; you also know how to dress. Give yourself a break from the emotional intensity of this month and go out and have some fun.

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July likely left you confused, dear crab, but try not to ruminate. The answers will come with time. You must be willing to honestly examine the weak links that you and your partner have found yourselves bound to. Are they repairable, or will this be a year that leads to a final break? Much depends on your free will and your partner's.

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As long as both of you are willing to do the work necessary to build or rebuild a genuine foundation and not one made out of quicksand, then you will find this to be a year when you two become known as the couple made of steel. If, however, either you or your partner feels that all the weight in the relationship is unfairly balanced, it's possible that resentment has built to a level that makes you feel this love connection is no longer tenable.

Adding to the severity of this year's relationship potential for you is the fact that the eclipses will fall across your partnership sector throughout the year. A gorgeous new beginning for a relationship commitment or renewal of commitment is possible at the Solar Eclipse in your partnership sector on January 5 and again on December If you are dating someone, then either of these eclipses might bring engagement or marriage your way.